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Bilal - The Retrospection [Mixtape]

Cover art for Bilal's mixtape The Retrospection

Bilal keeps his promises. With a new album A Love Surreal in the mail, shipping in time for Valentine’s Day, he is still breaking his fans off with a free mixtape The Retrospection in time for Christmas. We already got a taste with his re-imagining of Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions classic “Too High” (maybe my personal all-time favorite Stevie joint??) and now we get the full 30 megabytes, curated by none other than Viktor Duplaix. To take it home with you just follow these simple steps: 1) hit the link to Bilal’s facebook page below 2) click ‘Like’ and 3) share on your timeline. Now The Retrospection is yours for the downloading. I mean I guess I could just upload it here but that would be cheating (always do the right thing).

>>>Download The Retrospection (via FB)

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