Big Ghost lists his FOHest moments of 2013: Robin Thicke x Miley Cyrus

Ayo whattup…you now baskin in the rays of the everlastin enlightened presence of the mighty Hands of Zeus aka Divine Snowcones aka Caviar Tusks aka the one n only Cocaine Biceps aka the illustrious Phantom Raviolis aka Thor Molecules the great aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka the world famous Galaxy Knuckles…yall might also kno me as Spartacus Deluxe or Human Arithmetic in the flesh. Welcome back to the Cappuccino Lounge. Id like to thank Okayplayer for havin me once again. We gon touch on what I felt was the most fuckouttaherest moments of the year n shit. I mean really I could make a list of like 8,000 moments but I narrowed that shit down to six namsayin.  But yo enough explainin…lets jus get shit on n poppin…

Disclaimer: The views n shit in this muthafucka is all my owns…so that aint in no way a reflection of nobody other than myself n whatever whatever. No other man or woman or child represented heretofore n such hereby is sharin the opinion of the gentleman who be sayin the shit contained within namsayin. This muthafucka do be containin foul language n shit that might offend small children n old people n shit too.

Ok, lessgo…



  • Trey Arline

    The Miley Cyrus section was well needed, the Kanye post was admittedly hilarious too. But the Control write up, was PERFECT. Any contrarion fool that thinks Kendrick Lamar was on some attention diva shit is dead wrong and this is about the best way to put it. Thanks for that one, Ghost.

  • BDK

    Big Ghost just a Kendrick dickrider who’s been hating on Drake for 3 years now. And he thinks his opinion matters?

    • BobDigi08

      Clearly it matters since YOU TOOK THE TIME TO CLICK A LINK AND COMMENT ON IT.

    • a


    • Hummus5989

      Go cry into your pillow about it, Stan.

    • tblack301



  • thegoodwillprojects

    Big Ghost is the hostess with the mostest. I Love the big ghost. Satire and honesty gets lost in an all too serious emotion-fest known as earth. Big Ghost for president.

  • CoachTaylor

    This was a good 1 ghost. Keep em coming in 2014 bruh.

  • mkawia

    You don’t own Kanye, he can make a non hip hop if we wants..He doesn’t pride himself as a traditional hip hop musican.

    P.S he made ‘Numbers on the board’ this year which is the most ‘hiphopy’ beat this year.

    still deserves to be on this tho

    • MrONegative

      What did you read? He didn’t go at Yeezus the album. He went at Yeezus, the 24-hr media spectacle of 2013.

    • tblack301

      You ARE the fools Ghost talks about in every column.


    • Don Cannon produced that.

  • Just Call Me Manny ツ

    The biggest step backwards is writing a piece like this with such bad grammar. How can anybody read this without getting a headache? How did this “writer” get through school? Or did they even attend a class? Take an ESL class for christ’s sake.

    • mkawia

      it’s a parody

    • hillz

      little anchovy gonna teach the shark how to swim now?

    • Carl Thomas

      Obviously, you don’t get it. fuck outta here b

    • truth

      10 bucks says you’re not a fun person to hang out with

  • Larry Hoover Jr

    Nigga stay on some real shit at the conclusion of every year. Youre that nigga ghost

  • 1andonly

    I thought you were going 2 keep Miley’s article short? Check this out, The Rap Game will never die-mainstream-underground, or street sales. The Industry never was, is and never will be about who makes the most money.

    Hip Hop is a culture, and to know that is to be rich in it. I like Miley, she does lots of things, other than rap, like most rappers do anyway. Rap is a sport, or job just like an other occupation-or it can also be a hobby. JB lost his mojo when he let the instruments go. Doesn’t matter how much money JB has, or if people think he is Elvis. Music-all kinds spans worldwide. What is it?,clarify that part of your article. Middle Class Hip Hop-that’s funny. Radio is not God, different cities play different music. That’s why like everything else about us, we have to school our own kids about our culture, and that’s cool, because it is always fun to tell those stories. Knowledge is and always be power.

    • Live Well

      I agree with the culture part but your statement about “The Industry” never being about who makes the most money is kind of a contradictory statement. The economics that surround the sale of goods/services is the definition of “industry”.

  • Ku

    Started good but ended up just alright. If you ready Ghost’s stuff (weakest rappers in the game) all his posts sound the same. And his vendetta against Drake has gotten old.

    • truth

      man shut ur shit, drake still makes pussy music n that shit needs to change

    • Yup, sure is old and tired.

  • h

    y all the hate for papoose smh??

  • Trey Arline

    My own take on the Kanye post:

    -What’s wrong with trying new sounds?
    -Pitchfork gave MBDTF a 10, and you gave it a perfect score yourself.

    -So what about the artcase?

    -He doesn’t care about sales and shouldn’t since he had 2nd biggest tour of 2013, the biggest of ANY rapper.

    -American Gangster didn’t have any Ye beats, and Graduation had no Jay-Z on it in 2007.

    -He doesn’t have to kiss his friends ass everytime he makes music; he has a mind of his own.

    -Hov? God’s Son? Rakim Allah? This god shit is new to you? They get passes why exactly?

    -Kim K is wack so I have nothing for that one.

    -The Sway shit was funny and they seem to have put it behind them.

    -Because you’re suppose to let dudes with cameras creep up on your house and be okay with that?

    -The “Bound 2″ video was meant to be stupid.

    -Why does someone’s voice in interview affect you?
    -The masks are weird, no explaination.

    • iseetrolledpeople@gmail.com

      God damn you missed the whole point son.
      Don’t try to re-read that ish because you still won’t get it. It’s not in to you to comprehend that. The Kardashians on other hand…

  • Rico

    Kanye should of been number one just for calling himself the new Jesus but I’m glad you took the time out of your day to address the newest Kardashian for all his fans who support a grown man wearing a leather skirt, or assless chaps, for that matter (it won’t be long), or Chinese mask. This dude ‘Ye is wilding b. For NO reason and it’s crazy because when he’s on his cool, he can’t be touched but scooter is hyping this dude up and he’s feeding into and just self destructing himself b.

  • Dilo T.

    Ghost, please do not stop carrying the staff and leading us through the seas of swagfaggetry, Neon plague, fist pumper crap-call that shit rap ass bullshit. I’m all deference. This shits like my morning newspaper. Stay Up Ghost

  • D’Angelo Trujillo

    I wouldn’t care about this Neon Fist Pump shit if they’d just say it was pop. Problem is these young motherfuks wanna be in sentences with 2pac and Miley Cyrus, in the same discussion. If u dumbasses can’t see how that’s like Suburban GangBanging and why that’s a problem why real dudes can’t fuk with that, stick to ur mtv news shit, cuz they gave Sisqo a hip hop award. Ur of that breed.

  • moebitches1092

    I was laughin until you mentioned Elvis having any talent. He stole so much from our community and culture while tryin to set us back 200 fuckin years. Theres a reason that bloated talentless honky fuck died shitting. And you callin cool j a coon…

    • troof tella

      you don’t know anything about elvis presley i can see