Blu and Miss Jack Davey (J*Davey)
Photo by Mel D. Cole courtesy of Village Slum

Master-of-beats Waajeed just posted his original, unreleased version of “Everything’s OK” for Blu and Miss Jack Davey (of J*DaVeY) –a refix of a the Flying Lotus production that we’ve been waiting for since that first dropped. Seems Jeedo’s differs quite a bit from the version that ended up on the no york e mo work remix LP, which was re-remixed by Blu himself. The full story in Jeedo’s own words:

Kenny Fresh and I were going to release this mix on our Waajeed x FreshSelects project last year. The homie Blu asked me to remix the original version produced by Flying Lotus. After I finished this ruff mix, he asked for a two track of the instrumental to relay his vocal. He agreed to send it back so I could finish it…… It never showed up. To quote Jay-Z, “What the fuck you done to that?” — I gotta admit, those were the first words that came to my head when I heard what Blu (one of my favorite emcees) did to my remix. Well, It’s sorta like a remix of a remix. Check his version, here. I felt you should hear my original version and judge for yourself.-Jeedo

Listen below and New Yorkers (not to be confused with no yorkers) catch both halves of J*DaVeY tonight at Le Poisson Rouge.

props to B47



  • You Can’t Be Serious

    Both of these versions are horrible. This sounds like somebody fell asleep face down on a synth or laptop and hit record.
    Blu, J Davey, et al:This is nonsense.
    Ain’t nobody hatin, this sucks.

    You Can’t Be Serious

  • ayee

    blu seems to have lost the plot a bit.. the original track was one of the most grating songs of 011. nothing is saving those vocals

    imo blu could die today and still have one of the strongest catalogues in rap (ever).. but the man seems on autopilot going nowhere at the moment

  • Lady Oracle

    I agree with you guys, this is disappointing, I like electronic music but even as an electronic song it’s not good.

  • DEFone

    I though beat was awkward n’ weird @ first. but the second time round i was F’kn wit it. I’lll always be in tune with Blu’s flo but i get where ya’ll are coming from. I love all these artist’s so no disrespect intended but Blu F’kd up the track. You can barely hear the vocals and the synths just drown out the track.

  • i hear ya’ll

    I think some of the sound design is interesting and new/fun, but I agree strongly that the vocals aren’t present enough in this mix. The mix itself is exhausting to my ears as the low synth is competing with the kick along with many other sounds competing for a space..blah blah blah etc. Other than that, I think its cool and quirky but it gets quite redundant… just seems a little unfinished. Pocket could be more locked into the nod space. my 7 cents. i ain’t too mad at em lol. No disrespect to either, I’m a fan.

  • greg

    blu is a dope mc for sure but half the time his beats are terrible and production to so much that i cant even listen to them shame cause his lyrics are so ill he needs to hook up with exile again

  • i like that I can understand exactly what blu’s saying in this version, i agree with yall above, but i do like how he messes with “loveeee issss.” in this version, though i still like the original better….