Soul singer Angie Stone recently sat down with the crew of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show to talk about her latest role as a cast member of the popular reality TV show R&B Divas. She addressed a televised spat with fellow diva Keke Wyatt and expressed her love for the unique sound of Syleena Johnson‘s voice. Looking forward to future performances, Angie Stone also mentioned plans to head out on tour with the other cast members, who have spun live performances off of the show’s format before. Angie Stone took a moment toward the end of the interview to shut down a sensational line of questioning from one of Smiley’s co-hosts, who inquired as to the whereabouts of D’Angelo – the father of her 16 year-old son. Check the interview below to see what she had to say.


  • np

    Why is it such a sensitive question?
    She acted like he was being disrespectful whereas all he was doing was asking (one of the only) pertinent questions that people would actually be interested in. The rest of the interview was fluff.
    Love her music but she interviews very poorly.
    Very awkward.

    • haihaihai

      I think she’s just fed up with the D’Angelo questions. It’s like everytime you see someone and they always ask something about your ex who you had a bad break-up with. Plus i think she’s a bit private too.