Alfonzo album cover

Lest we be forget–distracted, perhaps, by all the discussion of BAD25–on this date 30 years ago, Michael Jackson‘s landmark Thriller album was released and would go on to change the face of pop culture. Around the same time, a young afro’d man by the name of Alfonzo Jones released his debut self-titled album. The similiarities between the two albums don’t stop at their album covers.  Take one listen to Alfonzo, especially the album’s single “Change The World,” and you’ll immediately notice how much Jones sounds–at times eerily–like Michael Jackson.

Jones obviously studied Jackson’s vocal technique as you can frequently hear similar phrasing and vocal riffs (down to MJ’s trademarked “HOO!”), but Jackson would probably never have added songs like “Your Booty Makes Me Moody” or “I Wanna Give You My Love Til You Scream” to his repertoire. Not that “Booty” or “Scream” are awful songs, they just would have seemed awkward coming from the King Of Pop.

We’ve been unable to track down a firm release date for the album, but all signs are pointing to somewhere between October and December of 1982.  Considering that Thriller was released towards the end of that range, we gotta wonder: Who bit who’s album cover?

Information on Jones, who released Alfonzo on LARC Records out of California (whose other releases ironically include Latoya Jackson‘s boogie classic “Betcha Gonna Need My Lovin”), is incredibly scarce on the web. We know that he was raised in South Central Los Angeles in the 1970s and was discovered by Motown producer Clay McMurray. We were also able to find that he released a second album in 1988 called Champion Of Love, which flirts with the then-still-fresh New Jack Swing sound.  But other than that?  Nada…

If anyone out there knows where Alfonzo is and how we can get in touch with him, hit us up!  We have questions (and concerns)…


  • Promeneurdecote

    Haha love that article, good job, I didn’t know about that guy, wouldnt it be funny if it was a Mike Jack’s alias !

  • …i had this joint on vinyl…my aunt gave it to me. there was nothing wrong with wanting to be like mike…but this album was taking it too far!!! 🙁

    • Richard Gunnell

      Alfonzo Jones album was released two months before MJ Thriller album was and i purchaced it from Greenlanes , Haringay , North London ,Streetsoundz Records Payed £15.00 pounds for it on import Vinyl . MJ then decided to use Alfonzo as a backing vocalist for Billie Jean. and later helped to co produce material of his dEMOS of Alfonzo is found on the Xscape Album recently released which Sony believes lol to be MJ . They were from Alfonzo for MJ to promote .
      So there you have it folks . RG … Out

    • Friday Spider

      Sorry, but this is BS. Alfonzo has nothing to do with Xscape and that he was used as a backing vocalist on Billie Jean sounds like just another urban legend. Apparently fed by Alfonzo himself – but then the guy also claims that MJ praised him as “the best singer in the world”. LOL. I wanna see the receipts!

      I also disagree with the statement in the article about him sounding like MJ. He sounds nothing like MJ other than having a high pitched voice. Sorry.

  • Jay


    I remember running across his website not too long ago. You could probably contact him there.

    • andi540724

      He’s an Uber Driver in the Downtown-Korea Town area of Los Angeles. Apparently he is still riding the wave of his successful album release because he will regale you with anecdotes from his past.
      If you are very special he may even play a track from his album for you. “Booty” is a top pick.

  • krush315

    Is this Lloyd, likes an sounds like him

  • Joann Johnson

    I know how to get in touch with Alfonzo Jones. He’s my uncle!
    You can contact me through email