Video still from Stop And Look by Adrian Younge presents The Delfonics

We said it: The Delfonics are back! You all heard the new “Stop and Look (And You Have Found Love)” but this time, in collaboration with Adrian Younge, (of Venice Dawn/Black Dynamite fame)  the Philly sweet-soul group is giving the world a twist of that classic sound with some new school visual treatment. Delfonics frontman, William Hart expressed an interest in making a music video for their new tracks, something they never had a chance to do back in the day. Younge took that expressed interest and ran with it, making the video you’re about to see below. Because so many classic hip-hop groups, like the Fugees and Wu-Tang, sampled The Delfonics, Younge wanted to make a video that brought that underground hip-hop culture together with the original Delfonic soul. The result is a mesh of DJing, breakdancing, graffiti, rapping, and of course, love. Watch below.

props to WAX P


  • Bryce13

    Oh damn, that is dirty and sweet.

  • YCBS

    Adrian Younge is the man! He brought out the Delfonics sound in a vintage yet modern way. The video was put together really well, too.Niiiiiice!!!!!!

  • Nuance

    Where to find the closing song “lover’s melody” from the video (2’55”)?

  • No dis, great song and video, but I can’t help hearing, “In the year two thousaaannnd!”