Madlib's Unreleased 'Beat Konducta in Lecce' Returns To The Internet

Today’s a damn-good day to consider yourself a Madlib fan. On top of that surprisingly-proper Nas mash-up, a new (?) installment of the Stones Throw giant’s Beat Konducta series has surfaced out of the blue, courtesy of the good folks at Rappamelo.

Beat Konducta in Lecce is a 20-minute discourse in the dustiest and most perfect loops from the globetrotting producer’s presumed Italian excursions on the paths of rhythm. Unlike previous volumes in the series, there’s no catalog number or track list to reference. But isn’t that just impossibly Madlib?

Get your fix for the week with Beat Konducta in Lecce below and scroll on to peep his forthcoming tour dates. With a follow-up to his Freddie Gibbs collaboration already en route and a whole new studio at his disposal, the weeks and months ahead promise to be fruitful if not prolific. Stay tuned for his next transmission and join us in hoping this isn’t the end of the unreleased batches. Maybe one of those nine stashed instrumental projects with Karriem Riggins will finally see the light of day.

Madlib Tour Dates:
Jul 07 @ Koko – London, United Kingdom
Jul 15 @ Union Park – Chicago, IL
Aug 15 @ Viva! Festival – Locorotondo, Italy



  • Pete Leger

    I think there’s a great chance these are fan-made compilations- could be wrong but I think it’s worth noting.. both this one and Rappamelo’s last ‘Beat Konducta’ mix ended with a track from his unreleased Azymuth Yesterday’s New Quintet cover album- and the rest of these beats are plucked from various leaked Madlib beat tapes.. plus the covers use recycled photos of Madlib, the locations are clearly random and unrelated to the music.. but if you haven’t heard this music yet, turn it up the red!

    • zo

      Thanks, Pete. We’ll definitely look into it.

  • Elou Buhendwa

    Fake. Covers are mashups (try googling the name of the tapes). No material is new. Don’t toy with people emotions, please.

  • Tyree Brown

    Close your mouths

  • jared

    yeah, rappamelo is based out of southern italy, and lecce is down in the heel. makes sense – i agree that he most likely compiled this himself. should be labeled as such…extremely well done though. madlib is dat dude.