James Fauntleroy Strikes Again with Three New Loosies

If you’ve been keeping a tab open on James Fauntleroy as of late, you know he’s scheming up some sort of number-changing relocation that could mark the end of his heroic Soundcloud input (though we doubt that’ll actually be the case.) But before he sets sails, he’s liberated a trio of new loosies to hold you over until the next phase. The torrent opened up with “I Can’t Do That,” a woozy heartbreaking ballad. Then came “Stop Doing Cocaine,” where the singer’s vices surface for a moment. Finally, this morning Fauntleroy released “Miami Rain,” a smooth electronic offering that jumps between neon jungle groove and guitar-laden lament.

There’s no telling when his self-imposed exile is set to go into effect, but if this is good bye for a while, it’s the perfect opportunity to scour his cloud for what you may have missed. Hear three new cuts from James Fauntleroy below and head over to his Soundcloud page for continued listening. Hopefully it won’t be too long until the next transmission. You can also catch him on Rihanna‘s ANTI and Bruno Mars‘ 24k Magic, though we’re sure he’ll pop on another smash before too long.