Childish Gambino's "Redbone" Slowed To a Crawl is Absolutely Entrancing

The internet can be a mindless abyss for music lovers, but every once in a while, it turns up with something eerily-compelling. Like when a gem from Childish Gambino‘s new album pops up in a slurred and sensual new form. Over the weekend, Rapper Reactions posted a criminally-short tease of “Redbone” slowed to a crawl, as if blessed by the purple touch of Houston’s hallmark chopped-never-slopped crew themselves. Sadly, there’s no way to confirm the clips origins, only its entrancing powers.

And seeing as how Glover’s off into a marathon of high-profile film roles, this could be the last time we hear from your boy for a minute. Hear Childish Gambino’s Bootsy ballad hit a syrupy D’Angelo-esque note below and hope with us all that “Awaken, My Love!” is next on OG Ron C and The Chopstars block. Until then, grab a copy of the album on iTunes today or hit The Shop to cop the virtual reality vinyl package.



  • Scott Heins

    Quiet storm syrupy waves

  • KCCowgirl

    I cannot explain precisely why, as it’s a very simple arrangement, but I can’t get enough of this song.