Mixtape Monday: Bless The Mad, MosEL, Bugseed, Meta the Great Destroyer x SINAI + More

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Bless The Mad, MosEL, Bugseed, Meta the Great Destroyer x SINAI and more shake things up this Mixtape Monday.

Bless The Mad is up first with their self-titled debut, MosEL returns with Protect Yo Peace, Bugseed blesses the lineup with Nameless and Meta the Great Destroyer teams with SINAI for Diogenes Syndrome. Ca$ablanca and Ill-Sugi follow with the link up on X2.

K-Prez and J. Depina are Flawless, Sauce Heist and Camoflauge Monk are back to work with Sauce Monk 3, VRN Hayes drops Serene, Big Kahuna O.G. and Foisey. make magic with the FLEE TAPE, and AJ Rios returns with Fragments. Senpu and ROMderful close this week with Peace Is Not A Dream.


Bless The Mad – Bless The Mad

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Ibrahem Hasan and Matthew Rivera make their debut as Bless The Mad with the release of their self-titled album featuring Edson Sean, Gaia Earthpeace, Arin Maya, Silka, and D.A.P.

MosEL – Protect Yo Peace

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MosEL drops a major gem with the release of the mostly self-produced album Protect Yo Peace, which boasts additional production from Jomac.

Bugseed – Nameless

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Bugseed continues to raise the bar for the Tokyo beat scene with the follow-up to the Staxx Beattape titled Nameless.

Meta the Great Destroyer x SINAI – Diogenes Syndrome

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Meta the Great Destroyer and SINAI drop one for the cynics with the release of Diogenes Syndrome featuring verses from Eddie Branch, Abe The Griot, and Sleep Sinatra.

Ca$ablanca x Ill-Sugi – X2 (Square One)

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Fresh off the release of Tuna, Ca$ablanca is back to work on his latest titled X2 (Square One) produced entirely by Ill-Sugi.

K-Prez x J. Depina – Flawless

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Putting on for New Jersey and Rhode Island respectively, K-Prez and J. Depina keep it thoro with the arrival of the Flawless EP.

Sauce Heist x Camoflauge Monk – Sauce Monk Vol. 3

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Together again, Sauce Heist and Camoflauge Monk drop one for the streets with the arrival of Sauce Monk Vol. 3 featuring Al.Divino, Flee Lord, Ankhlejohn, Hus Kingpin and more.

VRN Hayes – Serene

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L.A.’s got another one. VRN Hayes chants down Babylon on the Serene album featuring J. Rabbit, Young Blacc Da Boss, and Blvd Jamez.

Big Kahuna O.G. x Foisey. – FLEE TAPE

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Mutant Academy is back in the lineup with the FLEE TAPE from Big Kahuna O.G. and Foisey. Henny L.O. and 30 guest on this one.

AJ Rios – Fragments

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AJ Rios is back to follow the mega popular Kianna Camille collaborative album Ultraviolet with his latest solo effort titled Fragments.

Senpu x ROMderful – Peace Is Not A Dream

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Senpu teams with ROMderful on the jamming follow-up to his Disguised Colors album titled Peace Is Not A Dream.

Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard yet. She wants to listen to your music. Follow her on Twitter @karaslamb.

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