Willow Smith Shows Growth On Surprise ‘ARDIPITHECUS’ LP

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Willow Smith Drops Mature & Mystical Surprise Album, 'Ardipithecus' [Buy/Stream]

Throughout the year, Willow Smith has been hinting at something big on the horizon. There have been loosies galore. Take for instance the charming “Why Don’t You Cry” or the vibrant, full-frolic dance styles of “Wit A Indigo” and “WEEPINGWILOUGH/LETSGOTOMECCA.” But those were just warm-ups for the young musical mystic.

Today, out of the damn blue, the heiress to Bel Air graced the world with her most mature offering to date, sneak releasing the full-length album Ardipithecus via Roc Nation. Upon first ear, there’s the immediate sense of growth, but through the lens of a wandering adolescent mind, really just beginning to grasp the full brunt of the human condition. It’s a fine offering nonetheless, making for a dynamic and surprisingly well-executed record from a young talent, leaning heavily on a nuanced take of pop, r&b and hip-hop elements, but all pointing towards a righteous new chapter in the Willow Smith saga, which we’re sure won’t be ending anytime soon.

Stream Willow Smith’s surprise Ardipithecus LP below via Spotify and if it’s good to your earhole, take it home with you after a quick iTunes stop.

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