Wale Takes His Beef With Complex To The Booth

Karas Lamb Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard…


Wale takes his beef with Complex into the studio and comes out with “Walk N’ Live” – a fiery response to the mag’s failure to include The Gifted LP amongst the top albums on their year-end list. The result of his well-publicized spat with the publication is a bristling treatise that channels the spirit of “Ether” and encapsulates a laundry list of accusations and tense emotions that seem to have been bubbling for quite some time. The anger apparent in his initial phone call translates to the track from DJ Relly Rell, ironically producing what could arguably be his hardest track of the year. Thankfully Wale was kind enough to find an outlet for his frustrations that keeps the good folks over at Complex from having to get their “security ready.” Check the track below to listen to “Walk N’ Live” from Wale. Purchase The Gifted LP via iTunes.

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