Wale Says 'Today...I Got Time' With An Inspired Batch Of Freestyles
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Wale Says 'Today...I Got Time' With An Inspired Batch Of Freestyles

Wale Says 'Today...I Got Time' With An Inspired Batch Of Freestyles


This weekend, Wale has time - and his fans reap the benefits with a new batch of freestyles.

Two months ago, Wale released Summer On Sunset, a solid mixtape that commemorated his move to Los Angeles and featured contributions from the likes of Raheem DeVaughn, Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Mustard, Eric Bellinger, Phil Ade, Jazz Cartier,Tha Dogg Pound, Esta, Cam’Ron and Jake One. While the mixtape has held its ground as a soundtrack for the season, this weekend he dropped four new songs on his Soundcloud page, titling the collection of songs Today....i Got Time!

Many listeners these days may associate Wale with the radio tracks aimed at women, but for these new songs he showcases his flat-out rapping ability. On "Brightseat Road Freestyle," he turns on a reserved beat by Sango and Jake One to rhyme about his come up through getting signed by Jay Z, his continued affinity for dimes and sneakers, and what he feels is a lack of respect for his talent and career achievements. "Leave me out of your top five, fuck it, I'll write for 'em," Wale quips. "Heel/Face Freestyle" showcases his longtime infatuation with professional wrestling, name-dropping iconic WWE stars in punchlines - "keep my peeps in Christian, but they're never going to lose their Edge" - the way that only he can.  "Solbiato" sees him spitting about police brutality. "God over police. My hands up, 'cause the god's not the police," he laments.

The fourth song Wale had on his Soundcloud, he has since deleted. It was a verse he wrote for "Sucker For Pain," a star-studded song from the Suicide Squad soundtrack that featured Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Logic and Ty Dolla Sign. He warned followers to listen to the song "before marvel or whoever get it taken down," and then said he received a phone call to take the song down. He tweeted he felt that his verse should have remained on the song because of the way it depicts the relationship between The Joker and Harley Quinn, "but I will respect you guys' wishes."

Either way, Wale fans should have plenty of music to hold them over for the time being. With last year's Jerry Seinfeld-featured The Album About Nothing and his output in 2016, he seems to be in a strong place creatively. Listen to the Today....i Got Time! tracklist below.