Tracy Morgan Performs First Stand Up Gig Since Crash

Tracy Morgan Performed Stand Up Last Night For First Time Since Fatal Crash

by zo
October 13, 2015 9:00 AM

Tracy Morgan Performed Stand Up Last Night For First Time Since Fatal Crash

Tracy Morgan made his comeback official last night. After 16 months of recovery from a fatal crash that claimed the life of his dear friend and fellow comedian Jimmy McNair and nearly his own, Morgan made surprise appearance at NYC’s famed Comedy Cellar last night, cementing his return in the most proper of ways. Many (including Morgan) thought we may never see this day, but the cherished comedian reclaimed his live and direct eccentricity with one simple, yet profound gesture, letting the world know that he’s ready for his close-up. This, of course, is only the most recent and definitive move he’s made as of late, as he gears up to make a return to another stage that he once called him this coming weekend, hosting the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live for only his second time since leaving the show after a glorious eight-year stretch that made him a household name. Morgan has also signed on for a role in the new film Fist Fight which will find him starring alongside Ice Cube and Charlie Day. Ample proof that your boy’s more than deserving of his recent Mark Twain prize accolade. Though no footage has surfaced from last night’s surprise appearance, we do have the above photo which was tweeted out by Tracy himself, saying all that we need to hear as we continue to root for the impregnable impregnator. Welcome back, Tracy Morgan. The game’s missed you.

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