Listen To Ta-Ku's New Remix Of Georgia Maple's "Talk Talk"

Ta-ku Delivers A Gorgeous Remix Of George Maple's "Talk Talk"

by Scott Heins
February 19, 2015 11:23 PM

ta-ku wide photo

In keeping with his reputation for lush, alluring arrangements, Ta-ku has shared a brand new remix via his Soundcloud account. The track is a reworking of George Maple‘s “Talk Talk,” which was initially released on the London-based singer’s Vacant Space EP. The new audible space that Ta-ku has created, though, is anything but empty.

The remix master┬áhas slowed down and softened each chord to create and explore a fuller sound, incorporating┬áthe kind of tumbling handclaps that by now are the Australian’s signature move. The warm nearly-there pulse of Maple’s original “Talk Talk” fully arrives courtesy of ‘ku, who has even gone so far as to sing his own new vocal line, which itself gets doubled, octave-shifted and remodeled many a time in the space of four minutes.

The remix comes off as such a natural event that it’s no surprise to learn that Ta-ku and George share ID badges at on the Australian label future future classic. Like most everything Ta-ku sets his mind to, the song is a tasteful, tender morsel of beat music that takes the dynamic patterns of left-field hip-hop producers and takes them to a prettier place. And so while his rumored upcoming LP, Songs To Make Up To, is still wandering about in our hopes and dreams, the new remix is a gorgeous holdover until the stop on the path.

Intrigued parties should take note that George Maple’s Vacant Space is loaded with a trove of gorgeous moments akin to the one that Ta-ku used as a launchpad here. You can purchase it on iTunes here, or on specialty white vinyl through future classic’s website.

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