Stream Soul Clap's 'The P-Funk B-Sides & Ballads' Mixtape

Soul Clap Dives Deep Into The Cosmic Slop w/ The Heady 'P-Funk B-Sides & Ballads' Mixtape

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September 04, 2015 12:04 PM

Soul Clap Pays Homage To The Greats w/ The Heady 'P-Funk B-Sides & Ballads' Mixtape

Photo courtesy of Billboard

Soul Clap & George Clinton first christened their cosmic connection on Funkadelic‘s first record in 33 years, First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate (a massive, 33-track outing that dropped just last year.) But it appears their time together in the studio has had some residual effects, as the production duo has just released a very funky tribute to Starchild and his merry band of funkateers in the P-Funk B-Sides & Ballads mixtape, premiering yesterday on Billboard. Here the Beantown duo explore the many realms of Parliament-Funkadelic’s expansive musical universe by compiling some of their favorite P-Funk classics and lesser-heard cuts and interludes from the countless offshoots of Clinton’s clique, paying massive respect to the foundational space-funk crew. Stream Soul Clap’s all-too-dope P-Funk B-Sides & Ballads mixtape below and head over to Billboard to see how the tape and their collaborative efforts came to be.

“I’ve been a big fan of all things P Funk since I was a kid and have been collecting the music for years. I wanted to make a mix of some of my favorite songs that people probably hadn’t heard before while simultaneously showcasing the awesome power of P Funk’s interludes and album intros. I made the mix with Ableton, but instead of warping the tempos, I just pieced things together and connected the dots with reverb and delay.  I also took audio from various interviews with George Clinton to further spread the funky message!” – Soul Clap’s Charlie Levine

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