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Skillz Rap Up 2012 features Thoughts Become Things

The Skillz “Rap Up 2012” just came out! 2012 marks the 10 year anniversary of Skillz’ infamous year-end “Rap Up” rap compilation, which he dropped yesterday. The tune is the last track on what we reported to be Skillz’ final album, Thoughts Become Things (buy it now on iTunes. On the Skillz “2012 Rap Up” he goes on to announce that this is also the last installment of this legendary rap compilation.

Man, I still can’t believe that Whitney ain’t here
So RIP to the peeps we lost, I’m being sincere
But I’m wrapping up these rap ups, y’all, it’s been ten years
I’m gracefully gone bow out, but still write them hits
@SkillzVa on Twitter, hit me up with them tweets
I fuck with y’all, I love y’all, man, thanks for joining my team
Goodbye to 2012, what up to 2013?
Ya bish

Around here, Skillz is an institution. Okayplayer Records made his “Take It Back” track the first single off 2004’s True Notes Vol 1. Skillz was a featured performer on the 2004 Okayplayer Tour as well as the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors tours with The Roots. During that period he basically was in The Roots. He also holds down our man DJ Jazzy Jeff, emceeing all over the globe. You’ll still be able to catch him doing that.

Okayplayer debuted something like the first four “Rap Ups” back in our Real Media Player days (haha). It’s a tradition, but one that has now come to an end. So without further adieux, Skillz “Rap Up 2012” and the last one ever. There will be no substitution.

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