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RZA Chess Square

RZA Is Getting Ready To Make Some Heat For Atari

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With the much welcomed news that Ghostface Killah is coming back on board in a larger capacity to help produce Wu-Tang's rumored new album, RZA is making some other moves. He just signed on to make a full album for the legendary video game company Atari. This isn't the first time RZA has worked with the company. Back in 2006, RZA provided some voiceover vocals for Atari's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. Considering it's RZA, the songs he produces for Atari are probably going to end up in a lot of our rotations, outside of just video games.

Speaking on the partnership, the CEO of Atari, Fred Chesnaissays, “We are thrilled to partner with RZA, one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time.” Chesnais continues, “RZA is a multi-talented artist and soundtrack virtuoso and we cannot wait to hear the new tracks he creates based on Atari’s iconic video game sounds and music.”


RZA also promised to bring some homies along for the creation of the album. The possibilities of collaborations are endless. Raury? The Black Keys? Busta Rhymes? Talib Kweli? Kanye WestJames Blake? Maybe this Atari album is the new Wu-Tang album!!??

In the meantime, make sure to check back here for updates for the dropping of said tracks and to find out who these "friends" really are.

H/T: Billboard