Got To Give it Up: Robin Thicke & Pharrell Keep Appealing Their "Blurred Lines" Lawsuit

Pharrell & Robin Thicke's Lawyers Seek To Reopen The "Blurred Lines" Suit

Remember Animal House? It was a movie about frat brother ne'er do wells who loved to skirt the rules, get high and chase after women whenever they had a free second. And in Animal House, just as all hope appears lost, there's a dramatic speech that hinges on a single shouted protest. "Nothing is over until we decide it is!" Of course these are only characters in a film, but Robin Thicke and Pharrell are real people with a lot of the same qualities. And just like Bluto, they just can't admit that it's over.

According to The Wrap, both Thicke and Pharrell filed yet another appeal Monday against a judge's decision to fine them millions in the "Blurred Lines" case. The latest installment in a long story that just won't seem to end, the appeal seeks to have punitive plagiarism fines ("Blurred Lines" being a clear rip-off of Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up") reduced. Initially Thicke and Williams were ordered to pay $7.4 million to Marvin Gaye’s family; that sum was later reduced to $5.3 million.

"A final judgement filed in federal court last week indicated that actual damages of $3,188,527.50 had been awarded to the Gaye family," The Wrap reported, "with Thicke ordered to pay an additional $1,768,191.88 and Williams ordered to pay an additional $357,630.96." However, the new appeal seeks to reduce that sum even further. And the Gaye family lawyers aren't having it. "That said, we remain confident that the appeal will have no merit, and when it fails, the Thicke / Williams camp will find themselves faced with the same judgment they’re facing today," they said.