BBC To Air Hour-Long Daft Punk Documentary In 2015
BBC To Air Hour-Long Daft Punk Documentary In 2015

Report: Daft Punk To Replace Beyonce as Coachella Headliner

Report: Daft Punk To Replace Beyonce at Coachella

Speculation over an Alive 2017 run from Daft Punk has reached levels that could only be substantiated by a Vegas betting line. And as at it turns out, there's about 3:1 odds of seeing The Robots onstage in some shape or form this spring and summer. Rumors have swirled ever since the historically-reclusive duo popped up as collaborators on The Weeknd's Starboy, helming the album's bookending singles.

Then came a cryptic (maybe?) tour teaser that was dug up from the depths of the internets and quickly removed. Now, reports from, get this, Playboy, are claiming that a source has confirmed the Franco-funkateers as replacements for Beyonce as the Coachella headliner. Who those sources are and why Playboy has suddenly become an investigative news source have yet to be determined. But there's certainly no fighting the itch for a return of the pyramid. The last time Daft Punk hit the road was in 2007, forgoing a tour in support of their 2013 chart-topper, Random Access Memories.

Whether you're looking to cash0-out on the Vegas line (ill-advised) or merely biding your time and wallet for the right moment to strike, it's hard to refute the temptation to take this far more seriously than thin reporting deserves. Suppose time will tell, though.