Ray Fisher's Cyborg To Appear In 'The Flash' Movie

Ray Fisher's Cyborg To Appear In 'The Flash' Movie

Ray Fisher's Cyborg To Appear In 'The Flash' Movie

One of the best parts of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was arguably the scene in which we get a glimpse of the team that will make up the Justice League: Wonder Woman, Aquaman and, of course, Cyborg.

Well, turns out that Cyborg, who will be portrayed by Ray Fisher, will be making an appearance in the Flash film according to Variety. Although it’s unknown how substantial a role the character will play in the movie, it’s indicative of DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ desire to create a cinematic universe that competes with Marvel Studios, using DC’s roster of superheroes and villains to create solo spinoff adventures and much more.

Cyborg’s appearance in The Flash and next year’s Justice League are intended to get audiences interested in the character, considering DC and Warner want to create a potential, standalone Cyborg film in 2020.

Considering Justice League comes way before The Flash, it’ll be interesting to see how the former sets up Cyborg for the latter, as well as future DC Comics movies that will feature the superhero.

For those not familiar on comic book lore (or only really have a complicated understanding of the superhero via his appearance on Cartoon Networks Teen Titans Go!), Cyborg is transformed during a science experiment into a half-man, half-machine hero. His metallic prosthetic limbs give him super strength and other enhanced abilities.

This year DC has been busy: they dropped Batman v Superman earlier this year and recently released Suicide Squad, the latter of which finds a team of super villains working together to complete a top secret mission.

The Flash stars Ezra Miller as the title character and is directed by Rick Famuyiwa, who made a stir with the Sundance Film Festival breakout, Dope. The film will begin shooting this year in London, and is expected to open in 2018.

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