Raekwon + Lil' Wayne Connect On "My Corner"

Raekwon + Lil Wayne Connect On "My Corner"

Raekwon Drops New Single With Lil Wayne

“My Corner” cover artwork courtesy of Raekwon.

Raekwon’s seventh studio album, The Wild, is dropping in two weeks, so it’s time to unleash the big guns.

The legendary rapper has just dropped his latest single, called “My Corner”. The track features a monster verse from Lil’ Wayne. Despite the fact that they’re both legends, a proper Rae and Wayne track hasn’t happened since Wyclef Jean‘s “Sweetest Girl Remix,” which was released a decade ago.

It’s pretty clear that Rae thinks highly of Wayne. Here’s what he told Rolling Stone about working with Weezy:

“Wayne is a charismatic individual and his flows are dumb delightful. I studied him way back and appreciated the opportunity to trade bars with him. I always heard his voice on this, and I was very pleased hearing him tap dance on a different style of production.”

The Wild is dropping on March 24th. Give “My Corner” a listen below. What do you think? How do you think it compares to “Purple Brick Road”?

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