Glory Be, P-Funk's Mothership Is Landing At The Smithsonian

Glory Be, P-Funk's Mothership Is Landing At The Smithsonian

The Mothership Resurrected! P-Funk's Stage Staple Is Make Its Way To The Smithsonian

The Mothership is (maybe) alive and well loyal funkateers. A replica of Parliament-Funkadelic‘s iconic 20-foot stage prop from The Earth Tour days is being revamped and rebuilt to be featured at The Smithsonian’s Musical Crossroads gallery in DC. Those old enough to remember Parliament’s blown-out “funk opera”, recall the eerie and overwhelming backdrop of the architect George Clinton descending upon the stage –garbed in nothing but fur and 6-inch platforms– from the beacon of afro-futurism to douse his loyal subjects with the most over-the-top and elaborate display of unrelenting funk that ever was.

According to NPR, the ship vanished long ago — though there’s been the sneaking suspicion that it’s been buried in a junkyard in the suburbs of DC since 1981– and in its absence, the addition to The Smithsonian was lifted (flown) from Clinton’s home, where he’d been housing a life-sized replica of the mythological artifact. We’ve yet to receive word as to when the exhibit will be completed, but apparently the ship will sit right next Chuck Berry‘s own iconic contrition to the exhibit, none other than true King of Rock n’Roll’s Cadillac. Keep your head on a swivel fam, we’ll have plenty more on how you can connect with The Mothership as details roll-out.


spotted at NPRMusic

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