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Megan Thee Stallion Drops Episode 2 of ‘Hottieween’ Series

Megan Thee Stallion Drops Episode 2 of ‘Hottieween’ Series

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

UPDATE: Megan Thee Stallion releases second episode of her new Halloween-themed series.

In the latest episode of her series titled “Suck a Neck,” Megan Thee Stallion wakes up two days later with vampire teeth. After she gets herself together thanks to Janine (Jaye Cole) she rushes over to help a woman stranded alone being followed by Fuccbois as Archimedes (Dave East) watches.

In another scene, Megan literally bites a man who attempts to take advantage of one of the “Hot Girls.” Following this moment Archimedes turns into a bat and flies away.

Check out “Suck a Neck” below.

The visual is inspired by Blaxploitation heroines and horror classics.

Megan Thee Stallion unveils her acting debut as a private investigator in the first episode of Megan Thee Stallion P.I. in Hottiween. Produced in collaboration with YouTube Music, the Teyana Taylor-directed visual finds her in her fictional hometown Stallion County.

In the first episode “Love Bites,” Megan is on the hunt for a gang called the Fuccbois. In the beginning of the clip, a woman is wandering down an alley and is then surrounded by a group of men, then later found dead.

During the horror-themed sequence, Megan is partying in a club as she’s called by her sidekick comedienne Janine (Jaye Cole) about the strange killing. Instead of rushing over to the scene she runs into and becomes distracted by Archimedes played by Dave East. After their initial connection in the club, the two go on to possibly hook up to gain information from one another. But, as Megan pulls away because she thinks things are moving too fast, Archimedes shows his true form: a vampire-inspired member of the Fuccbois and bites her.

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In a recent episode of Vogue‘s 24 Hours With series, Megan shared that she was currently working on a horror movie. She also detailed in the candid video that she loves horror films like her favorite Evil Dead. “Love Bites” is inspired by horror classics and Blaxploitation heroines.

Check out “Love Bites” below.


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