Buckwild Talking All That Jazz on samples and record digging

Talking All That Jazz With Buckwild


The French homies at Media Gasface are back with the third installment of their “Talkin’ All That Jazz” series. This time around, the Frenchmen catch up with legendary producer Buckwild late at night on the streets of the Bronx to talk sampling, DITC, and the overall hustle. He goes in about finding rare samples and flippin’ them at the Roosevelt Hotel record convention, pulling from influences all over the spectrum, and sharing records and beats. Buck says his favorites were always David Axelrod and the mysterious Galt MacDermot. Finally, the producer shares wisdom on the progression of music and how everything is interconnected. Bootsy Collins, Parliament, even Nas and Jay-Z all “learned the game, learned the music, went off and did great things.” Watch Buckwild drop some dope science below.

Droppin Science by Gasface

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