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M.I.A. Shares Surprise New Demo Track “Platforms”

M.I.A. Shares Surprise New Demo Track “Platforms”

M.I.A. Platforms Demo Cover Art Square

m.i.a. Matangi

The weekend is getting off to an excellent start. This afternoon M.I.A. shared a brand new demo via her Soundcloud page, a tense, pop-friendly banger dubbed “Platforms.” Built upon cavernous bass and a metallic rattle, the Sri Lankan vocalist tells a tale of transit by rail–the platforms in each hook appear to be both physical and cerebral. M.I.A. is on a cross-country contemplation quest. It’s a brilliant destruction of the mind/body dichotomy, all set to the sound of forward motion.

The singer tweeted earlier this morning that if she found the password to her Soundcloud page, she’d upload a new track. We’re very pleased to see that she did, in fact, track it down. Listen to “Platforms” below and be sure to follow along with the lyrics–miss M.I.A. has outdone herself with this one.


neon lights on the dust on the ground on the bus
dirty roads makes that scarf wrap a must
rolling by scrolling for the future on the app
data mine my mind like a diamond in the ruff

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platforms heres a train of thought
getting to the bright side of me is why i fought
im gonna say what else have i got
maybe theres glory in all the things im not.

if oil is the god then the cranes all pray
the crude is so rude
it makes the people pay
on the side of the men make money
a flower for a dollar man
he wants a family
If I rose to power
itll be a bouquet
emoji a smiley
and say im ok
the tech dudes are the only ones having a good day
and talking is cheap
coz they make it easy.


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