M.I.A. "Only 1 U" Radio Rip

M.I.A. — "Only 1 U" [Radio Rip]

by brie
July 03, 2013 3:26 PM

M.I.A. - "Only 1 U"

“Only 1 U,” a new song from Sri Lankan artist/rapper/all around hotgal M.I.A., was heard on London-based radio station NTS a few days ago and with this release dropping right on the heels of the visuals for “Bring The Noize,” M.I.A. has us waiting with bated breath for her upcoming album Matangi. Although it has not been confirmed whether “Only 1 U” will appear on Matangi‘s final tracklist, the upbeat banger certainly sets the stage for a project rife with songs that will cause spontaneous dance breaks when they appear on your shuffle. As I’ve come to expect from M.I.A., “Only 1 U” has her voice tastefully chopped throughout the track, interspersed with varied sounds that punctuate her lyrics (including a boxing bell and that *zing* noise from movies when someone gets electrocuted). Even with all that, the track never feels like just a lot of noise–unlike so many lesser electro-rap fusion songs you see floating around the interwebs these days. Listen for yourself below. While M.I.A. has been talking about Matangi, which will be her fourth studio album, for over a year now, it’s now slated to release this fall. Stay tuned for that and hit the link above for Okayfuture’s coverage of “Bring The Noize.”

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