M.I.A.’s New Track “Bring The Noize” Leaks Early

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MIA - "Bring The Noize"

MIA - "Bring The Noize"

The hype around M.I.A.’s new track “Bring The Noize” has been building steadily over the last several days with teasers, email blasts and general cheerleading–resulting in a lot of blog headlines attached to not much in the way of music. That ratio has reversed itself today as the song leaked–via a premature official release on iTunes New Zealand–before it’s radio premiere on Zane Lowe’s BBC show, and has now been uploaded to her official soundcloud earlier than expected.

New Zealand’s fuck up is the internet’s gain, cause the track does not fail to bang. In fact for my money (and I my M.I.A. money goes pretty long, I should think–i was there for her very first live show!) this is pretty much what you want from an M.I.A. track: a club track thats moves like a Timbaland x Missy cut as imagined by Afrojack or maybe Douster, an aggro-pop energy that lives up to the Public-Enemy-updated-for-2o13 spirit of the title; and some sneakily deft wordplay disguised by Maya’s trademark playground-chant singsong: “Sweet like a rotten toot, you got to spit it out / [ptuh!] like my tea let my wisdom rock it out” (or something like that).  If this is a reliable snapshot of what her new LP Matangi is gonna sound like, its going back to basics with a vengeance. Good shit. Stream below and stay chuned for more info.

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