Lupe Fiasco Gets Tender On "Something That I Never Had"

Lupe Fiasco Gets Ambitious, Apologetic On New Cut "Something That I Never Had"


Dropping top-notch loosies has become something of a patter for one Lupe Fiasco. The ever-conscious Chicago MC mades waves once again today with “Something That I Never Had.” A tender ballad comprised of soaring keys, simple drums and quite a bit of singing (is that you, Lupe? Where’d you get those pipes?), the track is a tale of personal hardship and fraught societies told with the verve that we know Fiasco’s good for. We get the feeling of apology–“Something That I Never Had” is a song for those who had to do something they’re not proud of in order to keep moving forward.

Fiasco has kept mighty active since the January release of his excellent Tetsuo & Youth LP. Earlier this month he fired off a new, Baltimore protests-inspired video for his classic number “It Just Might Be Okay,” even though he’d already logged two excellent video drops this spring. Now, “Something That I Never Had” is our newest taste of his thought-provoking technique, a half-sung emotive song that recalls some of the softer moments of Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool. Stream the newness below and be on a sharp lookout for future drops–Mr. Fiasco is certainly doing it right these days.

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