Little Simz Spends 'A Day Out' In L.A. With OKP TV
Little Simz Spends 'A Day Out' In L.A. With OKP TV

Little Simz Spends 'A Day Out' In L.A. With OKP TV + New EP 'E.D.G.E.'

Little Simz Spends 'A Day Out' In L.A. With OKP TV

UPDATE: Little Simz has just dropped the much-anticipated new EP titled E.D.G.E.--scroll down for stream, art and tracklisting!


Little Simz is easily the most promising rapper coming out of the UK right now and though it's not that easy, she was also a standout favorite at this year's SXSW, even in a field crowded with promising new artists. After watching her tear up the mic in a guerilla guest appearance with Waldo at our own Okayplayer x Soulection showcase in Austin, we already knew we had to get to know this wiry, fiery MC who seems very much poised for an American Invasion in 2014. If those were reason enough, she has been letting a serious volley of fire tracks and videos recently from "Mandarin Oranges, Pt. 2" to "Bars Simzson" --and in what we can only interpret as a subliminal "what's up" in our direction, she named her most recent banger "Quest Luv." Cut the check already--we're on board, and we know once you have a minute to get to know her (and digest her new E.D.G.E. EP--which drops today) you'll be a dedicated bandwagonist as well.

Luckily OKP TV is giving you an unprecedented opportunity to get to know Little Simz, because recently our cameras spent the day tagging along behind her on an side-excursion to the City of Angels as she shows a less mic-destroying side to herself, hanging out with some mates and checking out some of L.A.'s finest street style boutiques for some shopping (yes, she's got style in that department as well). Smoke gets blow, sunsets are enjoyed, freestyles are dropped while walking back to the hotel and yes, in the final analysis, some mics need to get melted down because this is Simz we a talk bout. Watch below (and grab the new EP E.D.G.E here--or just scroll down).

Video by Justin Staple for Ounce. Films


E.D.G.E. Track listing:

1. Desire ft Jimi Nxir (prod. Jimi Nxir)

2. Enter The Void (prod. Balistiq)

3. On The Edge (prod. OTG)

4. Devour (prod. Jakwob)

5. E.D.G.E ft Josh Arcé & Chuck20 / Age 101 (prod. OTG)

6. Saur-Renity Rap-Tiles (prod. Sango)

7. Quest Luv ft. Tilla (prod. OTG)

8. Stay (prod. Iman Omari)

9. The Hamptons (prod. Da-P)

10. Mandarin Oranges Part 2 (prod. Sango x El Blanco Nino)

11. Time Travels ft. Tilla, Chuck20 x Josh Arcé (prod. High Frequency)

Bonus Tracks

12. Bars Simzson (prod. Hank Iving)

13. Mandarin Oranges f/ Waldo (prod. Sango)