Lianne La Havas Reveals The Making Of "Unstoppable"

Lianne La Havas Offers A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Making Of "Unstoppable"

Lianne La Havas Unstoppable BTS Video

Lianne La Havas‘s new single “Unstoppable” is a truly brilliant work–precise songcraft that comes at a time when so much of what we here is but a “track” cobbled together for a day’s worth of buzz. And while she’s already shared an official music video to accompany it, the young British soul maven has just now offered up a second complimentary clip, this one a behind-the-scenes look at how the song was conceived, and what it was in La Havas’s life that brought such beautiful melodies to life.

As she tunes up her guitar, Lianne details the origin of “Unstoppable”: she and English record producer Paul Epworth linked for a week of sessions (you may recall Epworth’s work from Adele’s “Skyfall” and FKA Twigs’s “Pendulum,”), and after he played La Havas an early backing track version of “Unstoppable,” the connection was instantaneous. Soon guitar overdubs and vocals were being laid down, and before long the recording became a fully immersive experience, one inspired by a recent breakup that La Havas went through, and all the regrets and new hopes that come out of the separation process. It’s a short, sweet and satisfying taste of what its’ like to be inside the mind of one of R&B’s brightest young talents. Watch the video below and pre-order La Havas’s upcoming LP Blood (which is set to drop July 31st) on vinyl today.

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