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LargeUp Exclusive: Orange Hill Productions Talk "Electro Bashy"

by anto
July 20, 2012 5:18 PM


The two-man team Orange Hill Productions is currently shaking things up in the UK bass world with the reggae/dub-inflected sound they’ve coined “Electro Bashy.” Neither of them being noobs to the game —Ras Kwame having hosted BBC Radio 1xtra‘s HomeGrown show, and Jnr Tubby (great-nephew of dub-pioneer King Tubby) stacking up productions credits for the likes of Lil’ Wayne and Juelz Santana –the duo made their joint debut with Electro Bashy: Welcome to Our Sound, which we premiered in late April. LargeUp caught up with them to talk “Electro Bashy,” their origins, and King Tubby and we encourage you all to read the interview. You’ll find an excerpt after the jump, and the full scoop over at LargeUp.

LargeUp: Tell us how the concept of Electro Bashy came about?

Ras Kwame: “Electro Bashy” is the name of how we describe our sound. It’s a new sound, it basically describes what we do which is primarily reggae for the purposes of this act, mixed in with UK bass influences, with a little bit of dance, and you get the Electro Bashy formula.

LU: How did you come up with it?

Jnr Tubby: The reggae we thought wasn’t really matching up with what the new music was doing—like R&B and dance music. Reggae really seems to come out with a formation with whatever sound is around, and that wasn’t really happening, and Ras discovered a way to work with the reggae sound but still in a dance format. And we were like that’s the new sound, the new sound of 21st century reggae.

>>>Read the full interview (via LargeUp)

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