Killer Mike, RJD2, Big Freedia & Dan The Automator Participate In Our ‘Fun Fun Fun Fest’ Roundtable

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Austin, Texas is home to some of the country’s biggest festivals: SXSW, Austin City Limits, Fun Fun Fun Fest and, of course, the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship. It’s the end of festival season, and, with ACL in the rearview, FFF is set to close things out with a proper bang. We sat down with some of the Blue Stage acts for a roundtable discussion in anticipation of the festival, which, as Pimp C would say, really goes down in the South, November 8-10th.

Let’s meet our panelists:

RJD2: His reputation precedes him. A Philly resident, and maker of the jamminest jams. You also might know him from composing the opening theme to a little show called Mad Men.

Killer Mike (KM): Grammy-winning (for his scene-stealing appearance on OutKast’s “The Whole World”) motherfucker-burning, Jewel Runner.

Big Freedia (BF): The reigning Queen of Bounce Music. Rump shaker supreme.

Dan The Automator (DTA): 1/3 of Deltron 3030 (along with Del the Funky Homosapien and Kid Koala).


OKP: Other than “Austin,” what are some other great things that start with “A” ?

BF: Azzz, Awesome, Ax-traordinary and Astronaut (laugh)…I don’t know anymore.

DTA: Automator.

RJD2: ARP, arugula, andouille, amplifier (voltage controlled), Ace organs, Avalanche drum breaks, Acapulco.

KM: A lotta marijuana (which I can usually find pretty easily in Austin); my wife’s ASS, Atlanta; Amsterdam– my wife just said “Amsterdam,” you can credit Shay Bigga for that one; the Chevy Avalanche; avocado, which is my new love because my wife is making me lose weight so I can’t eat butter like I want to– shouts out to all the avocado boys out there; Air Jordan; you know, if the wife’s feeling frisky, “ANOTHER one.”

OKP: You get invited to a backyard barbecue in Austin, what kind of food are you bringing?

BF: BBQ ribs, chicken baked beans, and corn on the cob.

DTA: Whatever Phillip and the uchi people can pack into the picnic basket. I’m assuming the BBQ will already be there. Also a couple cases of Positive Contact by Dogfish Head x Dan the Automator couldn’t hurt.

RJD2: Probably a side and a bottle of wine. Side dish: maybe I’d do a sweet potato salad-cubed, cooked sweet potatoes with walnuts, raisins, and a vinaigrette toss.

KM: I’m gonna bring another “A” for “appetite” because the food in Austin is always so god damn good. I’m also gonna bring beef ribs, some of the best beef ribs are in Austin, Texas; and tacos, probably made by my man, Matt Sonzala, whose family once made us some awesome homemade Mexican tacos.

OKP: Are you any good at Texas Hold ‘Em?

BF: No, mostly because I’ve never heard of it.

DTA: I can play but I’m not as good as “real” players. I can hang in there for a while though.

RJD2: No. I never play. Terrible.

KM: I don’t play poker because I’m no good at games of chance, and I already used all my gambling prayers on a rap career.

OKP: What are your favorite Southern rap offerings?

BF: Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter–all of ’em…

DTA: Lots. I like all the old Cash Money stuff and some of the newer Wayne stuff; Outkast; the good David Banner stuff especially with Flip; the Geto Boys; Southern Hospitality by Luda is crazy; and 2 Live Crew for bass.

RJD2: Possibly Stankonia, possibly Geto Boys’ We Can’t Be Stopped.

KM: Me and my wife have been listening to UGK’s Ridin Dirty for the last week, but I’d like to qualify my answer by saying it changes weekly– and we also have to clarify if we’re talking about a group album or solo because, solo, nothing ever, ever, ever, ever in the world will top Scarface’s The Untouchable.

OKP: Which famous Austinite do you think would win in a smoke-off: Matthew McConaughey or Willie Nelson? 

BF: Oh, McConaughey because he probably blows bigger “O’s”

DTA: Willie without a doubt. I have had friends who have experienced the power of Willie, but I won’t blow them up. Let’s just say it involved moving decks over water (and there was no moving deck over water).

RJD2: It’s hard for me to imagine Willie Nelson losing a smoke-off, much less an anything-off.

KM: Oh, man, Willie Nelson is shutting down all competitors. He’s 80-years-old still smoking joints every day! People think of smoking as a sprint– it’s a marathon, baby, and, at 80-years-old, unless you are Robert Nesta Marley returned, Willie holds the crown. A faraway second place are the good brothers Snoop (Dogg) and Devin the Dude, tied for second.

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Other acts on the festival’s blue stage include: Snoop Dogg, Jurassic 5, Lupe Fiasco, Ice-T, Flatbush Zombies and more.

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