Killer Mike Responds To The Mike Brown Verdict On Stage In St. Louis

Killer Mike 4 President: Watch Him Emotionally Address The Ferguson Verdict On Stage In St. Louis

Killer Mike For President : Watch Him Deliver A Powerful Message In The Wake Of Mike Brown's Verdict

Ever since the nation’s spotlight began to shine on the tragedy and shame of Ferguson , MO following the slaying of unarmed teen Michael Brown, Killer Mike has stood as the nation’s ambassador against the passive genocide of our nation’s black youth. He tactfully broke down the nature of our nation’s plague of police brutality on CNN when mainstream media was looking for a member of the hip-hop community to comment on the slaying, he penned a poignant open letter on behalf of the fallen teen’s parents, pleading with the world to give them their space to grieve and acknowledge their lossĀ as they did so.

And last night, as the spotlight returned to that embattled city to await the verdict of Officer Dan Wilson’s trial and we were once again showed that being tried by a jury of your peers is as Disney as Dumbo. Mike took to a St. Louis stage in a storm of emotion before Run The Jewels brought the beast out of them all, fighting through tears as he powerfully explained one of the oldest adages of systemic corruption; that there ain’t no justice, just us. If you’re looking for a way to channel your rage in the aftermath of last night’s verdict, we urge you to keep the Brown family and every single victim of police brutality in your prayers as you watch Killer Mike cut through all the media blitz bullshit and speak directly to the human in us all.

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