Kelela - "Rewind" [Official Video]

Kelela Shares An Intimate, Strobe-Heavy Clip For "Rewind"

by zo
September 17, 2015 12:11 PM

Kelela - "Rewind" [Official Video]

The road to Kelela‘s Hallucinogen EP was been one paved with much patience and chronic delay, but the album seems concrete in its October 9th release date with the electric lead-off single “Rewind” garnering Zane Lowe‘s “World Record” stamp earlier this summer. Today, the mercurial r&bstress dances just for you in an intimate, strobe-heavy visual treatment of the cut, strutting her hypnotic ways to the tune of a cut that is equally as entrancing, fading and floating in and out of dimly lit dwellings. Hallucinogen will mark the Kelela’s first outing since making her name on her critically-cherished Cut 4 Me mixtape (which is still getting plenty of burn in these parts) and will feature production from Kelela herself, Obey City, Girl Unit and Kingdom, and that’s just on “Rewind” alone. We’ll have plenty more for you in the weeks ahead, but you can go and whet your palette with this infectious new video for “Rewind” down below. Preorder your copy of Kelela’s highly-anticipated Hallucinogen EP on iTunes today and hold tight for the next trip.

Hallucinogen Track List:
1. A Message
2. Gomenasai
3. Rewind
4. All The Way Down
5. Hallucinogen
6. The High

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