Round 2: Watch Kanye West’s New Zane Lowe Interview

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Round 2: Watch Kanye West's New Zane Lowe Interview

Round 2: Watch Kanye West's New Zane Lowe Interview

In the summer of 2013,  an anxious and embattled Kanye West descended upon Zane Lowe‘s dimly lit studio space to put forth his 2-10 cents on everything from the current state of hip-hop to the shortcomings of his high-fashion endeavors. Roughly 18 months later, West returned to that very studio and sat knee-to-knee once more with the phenom Kiwi radio personality to explain where he was coming from in those very first months of fatherhood and the torrent of heated, how he’s transitioned from designing items that are out of reach for most of the middle class and how he’s now fighting to remove exclusivity and democratize the fashion world.

Sharp as ever (but certainly more subdued) Ye also spoke to where his new material is coming from (a more relaxed father makes for a more tender artist, but warns “at any moment, I could hit the Ye button”,) addresses the totally overblown Grammy moment and a whole lot more. And oh the quotables, the many, marvelous quotables. Below you can watch the entirety of Kanye West’s second round of interview with Zane Lowe. Be sure to stay tuned for all the new Yeezyisms in the weeks and months to come.

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