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John Forte Ignites A Slow Burn On New Track “Light Work”

John Forte Ignites A Slow Burn On New Track “Light Work”

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John Forte has returned with a new mindful track, the dark and dramatic slow-burner “Light Work.” Built out of a subtle kick and barely-there snare loop, the song is a steady rise toward self-affirmation, loaded with introspective lines that may come off as boasts but are in fact jewels of truth. The oft-times Fugees collaborator asserts “I might have never won that Grammy but my soul is one, and I’m as thorough as the borough that you know I’m from,” just before a warm cymbal crashes. There’s drama herein.

“Light Work” clocks in at just under two minutes, and ends almost with the sense that the big moment is yet it come. It’s restrained, clever but also eminently direct–a perfect palate-cleanser for anyone who’s heard a bit too much busy music this week. We last heard from John Forte on his tense KYO-featuring offering “Life’s About The Low,” and are starting to get eager at this point–is an album coming? Life’s been a roller coaster for the artist, but things are sounding as good as they ever have today. Stream “Light Work” below and prepare for some heavy vibes.

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