IGBO's 2-Track 'B-Sides' Project Pays Homage To Hip-Hop

OKP Premiere: IGBO's 2-Track 'B-Sides' Project Pays Homage To Hip-Hop

by karaslamb
November 14, 2014 12:30 PM

First Look Friday Veterans Prep Fans For Their Forthcoming Debut EP With The 2-Track Appetizer 'B-Sides' - An Homage To Hip-Hop's Influence On Their Sound.

First Look Friday veterans IGBO aka Benamin and Sly5thAve return with B-Sides – a 2-track appetizer that explores the hip-hop roots of their sound. The release is the latest from IGBO, following “CHANT” and “Entrance Theme” – the first fruits of the duo’s collaborative work that offer great insight into the genius of their pairing. Taking fans a bit further down the rabbit hole, they wade into the realm of the boom-bap with crisp percussion and sufficiently murky bass lines that round out the syrupy low end of each track, punctuating the cold horns to a tee. Infusing the production with varied textures, the duo captures the dark Gotham city vibes of golden era classics while digging into the funk, jazz, melancholy and drum at the root of the genre to deliver something that is closer to a libretto than just a head-nodding loop. B-Sides is the latest from IGBO ahead of their forthcoming EP, which is slated to arrive in early 2015. Consistent with their previous offerings, the project is another airtight release that bodes well for what’s to come. Check the tracks below to stream the B-Sides project. Stay tuned for more from IGBO.

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