Hodgy Beats Hunger Video
Hodgy Beats Hunger Video

Hodgy Beats Hopes To Join The 'Greats' With New Jake One Heater

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Hodgy Beats has released a handful of new songs this year, and his latest drop is sure to make even more waves.

The Odd Future member teamed with producer Jake One for “GREATS,” a banger that pays respects to the legends before him while insisting that he'll be mentioned alongside them one day. Instead of lazily name dropping the predictable laundry list of greatest rappers, Hodgy focuses on ideas: showing appreciation for the wordsmiths who inspire him, and acknowledging rap fans’ tendencies to compare them. But instead of simply saying that he will become one of the greats, he spends most of the song's four minutes showing what will get him the respect he wants: bars. Hodgy effortlessly and confidently glides over Jake One’s regal soundbed with multisyllabic rhyme schemes and witty metaphors. There are already loyal OFWGKTA fans who have appreciated Hodgy Beats for years, but songs like this may convert new fans.

“GREATS” is one of an album’s worth of new songs Hodgy Beats has released so far this year. A few weeks ago, he released “Kobain,” an introspective gem produced by Nottz. Before that, he released about a dozen of loosies, mostly over beats from previously-released songs like Joey Bada$$ and Capital Steez’s “Killuminati,” Lil Wayne’s “Misunderstood,” Harry Fraud’s “Shot Caller,” and more. Only time will tell if a follow-up to his Dena Tape 2 from February 2015 comes before the year is out, but if this and the other releases are any indication, he's ready to show and prove.

Stream “GREATS” below on Hodgy Beats’ Soundcloud.