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Video: Hot Sugar x Heems – “56k”

Video: Hot Sugar x Heems – “56k”

Heems in a still from Hot Sugar- "56k" (official video)

I had this idea to start off a beat with a 56k modem dial-up sound pretty much SINCE I was actually dialing up with a56k modem. You know, pre-9/11. War Games era. I mention this because a lot of what is exactly right about this track “56k”, not to mention Hot Sugar‘s brilliant MiDi Murder EP and Heems’ whole career–is stuff like that; smart shit that you probably could have did or said yourself if you had the presence of mind and the nuts to just say it or do it, the self-confidence and style to pull it off. Take Hot Sugar’s amplification of found sounds into a beat that makes it’s own documentary. Or Heems’ combining trap beats, stoned raps and internet memes into something called seacrunk. Ideas that you (or me) coulda thought of, given enough free time and weed. But would not have made into such dope music. Watch “56k” below, grab MiDi Murder over here and Heems Wild Water Kingdom mixtape here.

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