Funkadelic & Kendrick Lamar Reinvent The Club Anthem w/ This Spacey “Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You” Remix

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Funkadelic Links w/ Kendrick Lamar For A Party-Starter

Funkadelic Links w/ Kendrick Lamar For A Party-Starter

In 2014, Funkadelic dropped their first studio album in 33-years with first ya gotta Shake The Gate; an expansive record that matched each year of absence with a psychedelic note from the foundational funk mob. In the year since, Kendrick Lamar has reinvigorated the funky fire, waving his flag high for George Clinton and his otherworldly crew, even featuring Dr. Funkenstein himself on the album’s explosive opener “Wesley’s Theory.” Today however, the architect pays it forward, hosting his dagger-spitting disciple on a destroyer-of-all-club-anthem remix of “Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You,” off the freshly released remix EP, helmed by legendary NYC DJ and producer Louie VegaAnd man oh man does this thing go. Where as the original recording was more of a syrupy slow-burning funk cut, Vega’s vision picks up the pace a bit and injects it with the spacey disco styles of “One Nation Under A Groove” K Dot, of course, comes with the heat, blazing the track with love raps with dizzying pace. Louie Vega’s Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You remix EP is out today with contributions from P-Funk & JBs alum Fred Wesley & Peewee Ellis. You can grab your copy of the record on iTunes today, but get your first taste of the cosmic kinship of one Kendrick Lamar and Funkadelic below.

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