First Look Friday: Witness SPZRKT's Blossoming Success!

First Look Friday: Witness The Blossoming Success Of SPZRKT

First Look Friday: SPZRKT Interview

Photo by Johnny Fan for Okayplayer.

The man known increasingly around the world as SPZRKT (pronounced as Spazzy Rocket) is not known for his availability. Notoriously aloof when it comes to press, the Georgia-bred artist has captured lovelorn audiophiles attention with “Blind Man,” which features J-Louis on production. The talented twentysomething-year-old has already had great success in the past few years, as his debut album Bonfire hit earholes to rave reviews.

Since then, his allegiance to STRT_TRBL (pronounced Straight Terrible) has been wonderful for music fans. Crafting honest and mature tracks, SPZRKT proved his singing and songwriting talents on cuts with fellow rising talent such as Sango (“Hipster Girl”), Sam Baker (“Honest”) and Soulection‘s Esta (“Can’t Wait”). With the motto of “It’s all love over here,” SPZRKT has become the game’s new-age cupid, slinging arrows of tenderness and vulnerability into the staunchest screwface’s mean mug.

Because it isn’t every day that we get a chance to speak with the singer-songwriter, we were happy to get SPZRKT during some downtime in Chicago before heading overseas. Armed with a debonaire grace that beguiles his age, SPZRKT talks about how past failures lit a fire that blossomed into success; the importance of his relationship with Sango; what his artistic narrative is and why you should hear his music as soon as possible.

>>> Who influenced SPZRKT when he first got his start in the music industry? Read about it on Pg. 2…

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