Activist Deray McKesson Pinpoints The Issue w/ #AllLivesMatter On The Nightly Show

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Activist Deray McKesson Pinpoints The Issue w/ #AllLivesMatter On The Nightly Show

“If Black people didn’t have to fight for their rights like this, we wouldn’t be here. So we know that theres an ahistorical way of thinking about justice in this country. That all lives have never mattered, which is why guys like Mike Brown and Freddie Gray aren’t here.”

Activist Deray McKesson explained with clinical clarity last night, joining Larry Wilmore on The Nightly Show for a discussion on this negligible counterpoint to the Black Lives Matter movement. McKesson, a man who’s uplifted the movement and brought awareness to the cause through a combination of steadfast social media activism and on-the-ground coverage, fired back at presidential hopefuls like Jeb Bush, who continue to discredit the cold truth that the country was built on institutional racism and that it continues to permeate both the social fabric and political discourse of the nation, softening no blows as one of the sharpest blades in the battle for civil rights in the 21st century, still marred by the deaths of countless black men, women and children. It’s a powerful retort from this champion of the movement and it can be viewed in its entirety down below. Follow Deray McKesson on Twitter today.

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