Watch As NBA All-Star Damian Lillard Drops Top-Notch Bars On Sway #*)# => #*)# => #*)# =>

It’s all about hip-hop, love and basketball this weekend. Yesterday Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers stopped by Sway in the Morning ahead of the NBA All Star Game. Lillard will play point guard in Sunday’s All Star main event, but he’s already proving to be a champion on the mic. During an impromptu rhyme session with Sway and his co-hosts Heather B and Tracy G, the Oakland-raised baller flat-out demolished the room with his lyrical skills, going in for more than a solid minute over Jay-Z’s classic “Dead Presidents” instrumental.

Lillard will be appearing in his second All-Star game and was declared the 2012-2013 Rookie of the Year after he showed incredible early promise as the young leader of a resurgent Trailblazer squad. But the 24 year old might want to consider a future in MCing after this brandishing of very legitimate live bars. Lillard shared just a taste of his skills with Conan O’Brien late last year, and his ‘4 Bar Friday‘ series on Instagram has brought out some of the best (and worst) bars from his pro hoops colleagues. Yesterday’s performance, though, is unquestionably the hardest that we’ve seen from Lillard; after he leans back from the mic Sway’s admiration is more than apparent. Watch Lillard’s MC skills below and keep an ear out for more from the All-Star.

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