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DāM-FunK – “I Wish U Felt The Same Way I Do”

DāM-FunK – “I Wish U Felt The Same Way I Do”


“New” DāM-FunK is a great way to start a weekend, even if the new track is an unreleased instrumental held over from 2009. “I Wish U Felt The Same Way I Do” has smooth and silky keyboards, glued together by a supremely funky bassline. Oh and that old school drum machine sound? Hell yes. DāM-FunK had this to say:

An outtake, 2 hold everyone ‘who cares’ over, until my strict new track leaking ban is over until the release of my return official 2nd ‘full length’ album is ready.

This one never made it on my 2009 Stones Throw released debut: “Toeachizown”.
There’s a vocal version as well, but here’s the instro 2day 4 U.

Just sharing some now + holding on 2 them, for future purposes or just personal listening & studies.

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As Okayplayers have doubtless noticed over the last few months, Dam has been quietly dropping some of these unreleased joints. There hasn’t been news on his new record, which was previously reported as coming out this summer. Keep an eye out for any info on that and stream “I Wish U Felt The Same Way I Do” below.


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