Bruno Mars Debuts New Song "Chunky" On SNL
Bruno Mars Channels His Inner Zapp In "24K Magic"

Bruno Mars Channels His Inner Zapp In "24K Magic"

Bruno Mars Channels His Inner Zapp In "24K Magic"

2016 has been a stellar year in terms of new music, and it looks like we're getting a new album from one of pop's most acclaimed artists before the year is over.

Bruno Mars just dropped his first single from his forthcoming third album and, well, it's really good.

"24K Magic" is similar to Mars' prior pop hit "Uptown Funk," considering that it's also funky, but in a different way.

The recently released track is reminiscent of Zapp, especially with its use of talk-box straight from the jump. As soon as the song kicks in it's nothing but a four minute party, with Mars telling listeners to "put your pinky rings up to the moon."

A video for the track has also dropped, which shows Mars and some friends landing in Las Vegas for a night of drinking, dancing and cruising the city streets.

"I'm a dangerous man with some money in my pocket" Mars warns. But really it's nothing but a party, with the singer happily crooning "24 karat magic in the air," during the song's chorus. As you've come to expect from Mars, the hooks are catchy and the lyrics are fun. If only he had released this at the beginning of summer, but at the very least we'll have a song to warm us up as it gets a little colder.

"24K Magic" serves as the first song Mars has dropped solo in nearly four years. The album that "24K Magic" comes from (which also shares the same name as the new single) will be dropping on November 18.

Along with that Mars will be returning to Saturday Night Live on October 15 (next Saturday), making it his fourth appearance on the show. It's safe to say that he'll probably perform "24K Magic" and another song from the upcoming album.

Check out the video below.