Brian Jackson Speaks On His Jazz Roots, Working w/ Gil Scott-Heron + More On RBMA Radio’s ‘Fireside Chat’

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Brian Jackson is probably best known for his copious collaborations with the one and only Gil Scott-Heron on recordings like “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, “Home Is Where The Hatred Is” and so many more of those timeless Midnight Band compositions. But Jackson did more than just help pen some of the most cherished anthems of revolution, he’s also one of the most forward thinking musicians the world has ever known, racking up credits on tracks with Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayers, Earth, Wind And Firand a slew of others later on in his career.

But before there was Brian Jackson, righthand man to GSH, there was a little Brooklyn boy who was getting grief from ma dukes, trying to absorb all of the jazz chops he could and made it all count once he and Scott-Herron finally linked at Lincoln University in Philadelphia. Below you will find the entirety of his Fireside Chat with Chairman Mao for RBMA Radio. Grab a drink, a smoke or whatever you need to tune in and enjoy all the tales the legend has to offer.

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