Officials Refuse To Release Cop's 911 Call And Other Information In Botham Jean Killing

Officials Refuse To Release Cop's 911 Call And Other Information In Botham Jean Killing

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Source: Kaufman County Jail/Facebook

The city of Dallas is refusing to release a recording of the 911 call made by ex-cop Amber Guyger after she fatally shot Botham Jean in his own apartment.

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The Dallas Morning News requested the 911 recording but has reported that the Dallas Police Department and Dallas County district attorney’s office has asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to allow them to withhold it.

Assistant City Attorney Pavala Armstrong wrote that releasing the information would interfere with the investigation. All that’s known about the recording is from a law enforcement official, who said that Guyger repeatedly said “I thought it was my apartment” and “I’m sorry.”

The News also reports that the district attorney’s office is also trying to withhold the results of Jean’s autopsy.

As the news publication writes:

“The county used to regularly release autopsy reports, which are public record. But the DA’s office is more frequently seeking the attorney general’s approval not to release the documents, saying the release of the report could hinder the investigation.”

Police and prosecutors are also withholding Guyger’s personnel file, her clock-in and clock-out times the day of the shooting, and body camera and dash camera videos. The city has argued that releasing certain information would represent “an unwanted invasion of personal privacy” and would be “highly intimate or embarrassing and of no legitimate concern to the public.”

This seems to contrast the immediacy in which information regarding Jean was released, including the finding of marijuana in his apartment.

Source: The Dallas Morning News

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