Philly MC Beanie Sigel Released From The Hospital

Philly MC Beanie Sigel Released From New Jersey Hospital

Philly MC Beanie Sigel Is Released After Being Critically Wounded In A Shooting That Necessitated A Month-Long Hospital Stay & Left Fans Concerned For The Rapper's Survival.

Philly MC Beanie Sigel was released from a Pleasantville, New Jersey hospital this week after a month-long stay following a shooting that left him critically wounded. According to Philadelphia’s NBC 10, Sigel was reportedly shot in the stomach. The shooting left the beloved spitter and former Roc-A-Fella representative “hospitalized after a bullet pierced his torso and traveled out his back.” Though police have named a couple of persons of interest, including Sigel’s sister-in-law Kamilah Salahuddin, no suspects have been formally charged. Police have indicated that Sigel was not the intended target of the shooting. Fans will undoubtedly be glad to know that the embattled MC has once again returned home. Welcome back, Beans!

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