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Banksy Opens Up A Hotel With The ‘Worst View in the World’

Banksy Opens Up Hotel With ‘Worst View in the World’

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Most hotel owners wouldn’t brag about their hotels having the “worst view in the world.” But then again, most hotel owners aren’t Banksy.

The infamous reclusive artist has launched his new venture, a hotel called the Walled Off. The property is located along the barrier that separates Israel from the Palestinian territories.

Of course, Banksy is making a political statement. There are nine bedrooms, with rooms as low as $30 a night, and young people from Bethlehem are likely to be the consumers. The hotel is full of Banksy pieces, including the one you see above, which features a Palestinian and an Israeli having a pillow fight.

The hotel will be open to guests on March 11. Before this, Banksy has been MIA. He hadn’t posted on his Instagram in over 80 weeks. And the last time we saw the elusive artist was in 2015 when he released his Dismaland exhibit.

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